Town of Milo, Yates County, New York

137 Main Street, Penn Yan, NY 14527 • Phone 315-536-8911 • Fax 315-536-9760

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Telephone Contact Info for Water/Sewer - Town of Milo

Sewer and Water Operators (Doug Marchionda, Jr. / Jeff Finger)
315-694-0829 (cellular)

Address Information:

For the delivery of parts and equipment: 1991 Second Milo Road, Penn Yan, NY 14527

Other items: 137 Main Street, Penn Yan, New York 14527

Town of Milo Sewer District No. 1-2 and Milo Water Districts

To Report a Problem

For any problems with water service, please call the Water & Sewer Operator of the Town of Milo at (315) 694-0829 seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

The Town of Milo will not pay for anything that is not a Town problem. For example, frozen or broken lines, power supply problems, or installation problems, etc. are not covered.  If someone is called out and it turns out not to be a Town problem, the homeowner will be billed for this call.

If you have questions about your bill or account, please contact the Town of Milo office,
Monday - Friday 8:30 am-4:00 pm, at 315-536-8911.

Problem calls

The most common problem is that the pump is not operating. Many times it has been due to the fact that the electric was not on.  Please make sure before calling, that the disconnect and pump control box or the breaker in the main electric panel is on.

Care and Use of your Grinder Pump

The Environment One grinder pump is capable of accepting and pumping a wide range of materials.

Regulatory agencies advise that the following items should not be introduced into any sewer, either directly or through a kitchen waste disposal unit: flushable wipes, glass, diapers, socks, rags or cloth, goldfish stone, metal, plastic objects (toys, utensils, etc.), kitty litter, seafood shells, or sanitary napkins or tampons. In addition, you must never introduce into any sewer: explosives, strong chemicals, lubricating oil and/or grease, flammable material, gasoline, paint or solvents. Please notify / advise all guests or renters about this important information.

Period of Disuse

If your home or building is left unoccupied for longer than a couple weeks, perform the following procedure:

Purge the System: run clean water into the unit until the pump activates. Immediately turn off the water and allow the grinder pump to run until it shuts off automatically.

Power Failure

If at all possible the power should never be shut off to the pump. Your grinder pump cannot dispose of wastewater without electrical power. If electrical power is interrupted, keep water usage to a minimum.

If for any reason you shut off the electricity to your property, the water should also be shut off. In the event that the electricity to your property is off for a long period of time, after restoring the electricity, please allow time for the pump to empty tank. Once the tank is empty, the alarm should shut off.

Pump Failure Alarm

Your Environment One grinder pump has been manufactured to produce an alarm signal in the event of a high water level in the basin. Should the alarm (light and horn) go off please call for service immediately as previously described. During the interim prior to the arrival of an authorized service technician, water usage must be limited to the reserve capacity of the tank.

Water District Rules & Regulations Code Book, Chapter 336

Informational Notice to All Owners Grinder Pumps and Water

Informational Notice to All Renters Grinder Pumps and Water

Building Sewer & Grinder Pump Standards

Water Service & Water Taps Standards

Application for a New Building Sewer

Application for a New Water Service

2021 Water & Sewer Rates

Sewer Rent will be a flat rate of per quarter per EDU $157 + $30 (single grinder pump) or $45 (duplex grinder pump).

Water Rate $75.00 per quarter for the first 12,000 gallons, $5.50 per 1,000 gallons after the minimum 12,000 gallons.

The minimum on both water and sewer are billed regardless if utilities are turned off, or if residence is seasonal.

Quarterly Billing: January, April, July, October

Problem Calls:   Including Brown Outs / Power Surges, etc.
Water Leak / Low Pressure
Milo Sewer and Water Operators
Doug Marchionda, Jr. / Jeff Finger
315-694-0829 (cellular)             

New Fees:

Replacement Grinder Pump $2,000.00 (does not include service fee)

Service Connection Fees:

Water Connection Charges
¾” Service Tap, Meter, and inspection: $1,575.00
1” Service Tap, Meter, and inspection: $1,950.00
2” Service Tap, Meter, and inspection: $3,200.00

Sewer Connection Charge
1 ¼ Service Tap and inspection: $1,650.00

*These fees would only apply to repairs made due to customer negligence or request.

Water Operators for Himrod Water
Doug Marchionda, Jr. / Jeff Finger
315-694-0829 (cellular)

Himrod Water Rates are:

Minimum $150.00 per quarter for the first 12,000 gallons, then $5.50 per 1,000 gallons after the minimum 12,000 gallons.

There is a $70.00 quarterly non-connect charge effective July 1st, 2014

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