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Changes in the ENHANCED STAR Law for 2019

New legislation now makes the Income Verification Program mandatory to continue receiving the Enhanced STAR (age 65+) exemption. This form will now be included as part of the application. You only need to enroll once, and you’ll receive the exemption each year, as long as you’re eligible.

In the first year, your assessor will verify your eligibility based on the income information you provide. In the following years, the State will verify your income eligibility. You will not need to reapply for the exemption or provide copies of your tax returns to your local assessor.

(due by March 1, 2019) – 2017 State or Federal income tax returns for all owners must be included to qualify

Please Click on the Applicable Form Below:

Renewal Application for the Enhanced STAR

First Time Enhanced STAR Application (Proof of ID required)

Application for Partial Tax Exemption for Real Property of Senior Citizens, also includes application for Enhanced STAR, age 65+ total household income cannot exceed $22,400 annually.

What if I don’t file taxes anymore? If you do not fill taxes, you still need to provide income information. Click here for the Income Worksheet to include along with your Enhanced or Partial STAR application (ie. Social security, pensions, etc)

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